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Undergraduate/Graduate Research

Important: Research is education, but a personalized approach via work with a faculty member. It is not reserved for graduate students, or only persons who want to go to gradute school.

Undergraduate Research:

  • Undergraduate research projects completed on stress modulation with music, computer vision for child tracking in a classroom, feedback control for depression, attention/ADHD (with graduate students), PTSD
  • Connections between mental health and both poverty and racism: A current project by Jessica Griffin, to provide materials for the Humanitarian Engineering course, and a course on Antipoverty Technology.
Undergraduate and Graduate Research: Research group, Technology for Mental Health:
  • Stress, individuals (youth who are homeless) and groups (e.g., children in classrooms, ones who have experienced trauma)/
  • Depression, measurement of frontal alpha asymmetry with an EEG, feedback conrol of (modution) music to regulate alpha. Other mood disorders.
  • Graduate research and publications in progress (e.g., mathematical modeling and analysis of bipolar spectrum disorders by Hugo Gonzalez Villasanti).